Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DIY - Wall Letter

Hey y'all! I'm here to share my first, and one of my more recent, DIY projects for my room next year. While browsing the craft store a few weeks ago, I came across the wooden letters, and happened to find an "A" I really liked.  Of course I'd been through Pinterest (one of my addictions!) and seen letters all decorated or part of wall art groupings.  So, I figured why not, it was only $3 and I could fix it up however I wanted.

My color scheme is turquoise, coral, and gray with pops of white and navy blue, so I started the hunt for items to embellish it.  My findings included craft/washi tape - which are a couple dollars per roll - and some flowers I found on clearance (I spent maybe $10 on them, and used the rest for another project to come later!)

After getting home I decided it first needed a layer of paint, for which I chose gray acrylic.  I already had the color, but bottles of various sizes are maybe a $1 a piece (if not less!).  It took me a few coats of paint to get a solid color and even layout (I didn't want brush strokes showing!) but you could certainly do as many or few quotes as you want.  You could even split it between two or three colors, the possibilities are endless!

My Final Result! 
I gave it the night to dry completely, and the next day started arranging flowers and planning out the tape.  I didn't really have a set design in mind.  I just picked one of my rolls of tape and stuck it on. Of course, I did use a ruler to make sure my lines were straight, and in a few cases I had to peel back some tape for layering purposes, but otherwise it was very random.  Once the tape was in place, I glued on the flowers with some Elmer's Craft Glue, let them set and dry, and my letter was done!

For those who want to secure the tape down, Modge Podge or a clear acrylic could be used to set everything.  I didn't add any, but if the tape starts to peel, it's something I'll definitely consider! This project is very open ended and allows for a lot of freedom.  You can spell out any number of words, do anyone's initials, even symbols.  I've seen wooden hearts, peace signs, anchors (for all my DG's out there!), etc.  This has just been my take on the project, but try it out for yourself.  It's simple and easy in addition to adding to any room! Please like and share and comment with your ideas and own letters! Happy crafting!!


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