Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Hey readers! Just wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself and let you know what this blog is going to be all about.  Basically my goal for this blog is to share my crafty ways and decorating tips, but also how to do it on a budget.  I also plan to share recipes, decorating tips, fashion and shopping advice, and general college/life survival tips.  I want my blog to be a general place for college students to find advice and tips, but also high schoolers, young adults and even parents! I'm sure anyone could benefit from some of my tips.

I myself am a college student and getting ready to move into my first apartment.  This means I'll be cooking for myself, taking care of my own shopping and decorating my place in addition to paying for school and balancing life.  I have a year of experience under my belt and all the crazy college stories to follow! If you ever have any questions, feel free to check out my profile or email me at artzyallie@gmail.com.  I want to cover any topics, hear feedback, answer questions, etc.  Having an involved audience would be lovely as I'm always looking to meet new people!

So please look around and excuse any minor errors or hiccups on my blog.. still trying to get everything set up and figured out! Enjoy and thanks for reading!


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